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 Maintenance Manager

track actual maintenance costs

Ever ask your shop supervisor "How much does it cost us to run that piece of equipment?" and get the answer "Oh, around 20 bucks per hour." 

Are you satisfied with that answer? are you going to bill out equipment use based upon "Around 20 bucks per hour?"

Maintenance Manager will remind you when each piece of equipment is due for service on a schedule that YOU define. It will produce a work order and tell you if you need to order parts to complete the service (and who supplies with the part and it's number).

Maintenance Manager will also track the labor costs to service & repair the equipment. Fuel costs? OK

Historical data is collected so you can track maintenance costs over any period you wish AND HE will know how much it cost us to run that piece of equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Uses barcode technology to simplify data entry
  • Maintains Parts Inventory
  • Includes outside services & fuel
  • Customizable maintenance schedules