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chemical tracking, inventory, production and yield analysis

Farm Manager collects and provides detailed costing information for chemicals and materials in the same (best) traditions of the PhytoTrak series of software programs. Data entry is via the program itself and/or collected directly in the field with a hand held device. 

Reports include the 'Worker Protection Standard', California  'Pesticide Use Report' & 'Production Agriculture Monthly Pesticide Use Report', 'Notice of Intent', 'Material' & 'Chemical Charges by Block', 'Material' & 'Chemical Inventory' (with running balances), 'Price/Yield' & 'Production Analysis'. 

Key Benefits

  • Auto-generates state & federal EPA reports
  • Maintains perpetual inventories of materials & chemicals
  • Tracks  simple production and sales
  • Powerful editing capabilities
  • Many filtering options so you see just the information you want
  • Concisely presents your material & chemical costing by block 

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