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[Product Image] DuraBridge  
programming and downloading hand-held devices

Real-time data is collected in the field using various hand-held devices (ie, DuraWand, DuraTrax, TouchProbe, LaserLite or LaserLite Pro) and following a Scenario that is customize to support your particular farming implementation. DuraBridge interprets the barcode scans (or buttons) and transmits the results to Download Station

The downloading of the devices is typically directly into a computer workstation using a base station or IR device in the office. 

Option #2 is to remotely transferred the data to the office using any analog telephone. 

Option #3 is to transfer the data files to the office via FTP.

Option #4 is to link a laptop or tablet PC running the software in the field using a VPN connection to the office server.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple scenario choices to match your needs  
  • Real-time, accurate data entry
  • Data archive, recover lost data.
  • Editing capability

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