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[Product Image] Budgeting for PhytoTrak  

generating spreadsheets with costing information collected in PhytoTrak.

Budgeting creates Excel spreadsheets that compare actual versus budgeted income and  expenses, by Ranch. Expense categories and groupings are user definable and are not limited to just labor collected in PhytoTrak and/or Farm Manager.  Built in categories are Income, Labor, Material, Custom Services and Overhead but can be expanded to include as many others as you desire. Budgets  for individual line items are easily created. Data entry, to record income, material costs, management fees,... can be  entered or modified. Historical labor charges from PhytoTrak, are used to populate all budgeted labor tasks, eliminating duplicate data entry. Spreadsheets include a section for the selected month and another for the year-to-date totals.

Key Benefits

  • Auto-generates spreadsheets with a single button click
  • Custom categories and groupings
  • Selectable by month
  • Concisely presents your costing, budget & variances 

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