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[Product Image] BarCoder for PhytoTrak
barcode selected items with multiple print options

In order to get the most accurate field data (and minimize the effort required to collect it), PhytoTrak supports devices to read memory buttons and barcode in the field.  

BarCoder produces barcodes for all required data types in PhytoTrak & Farm Manager, and displays them in a variety of different formats.  It also includes a photo maintenance module for incorporating photos in a database for use on employee badges. 

Print barcode, from your laser printer, on standard business card stock and laminate or sheets inserted into page protectors and kept in a binder.

New July 2007: produce long lasting pvc / plastic employee badges from your card printer. BarCoder now will redirect select employee badges to your card printer. Please call for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Mix or Match data types
  • Inexpensive badges 
  • Employee Photo Badges 
  • Many different formats


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